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‘Show off’ Blackberry mousse cake

blackberry mousse 1

You know living in the city has it’s ups and downs, the downs mainly being the noise, drunk students and their ability to project vomit in a perfect line all the way down London road, which – as you can imagine, is just lovely on your way to work on a monday morning. I will say it now and I will say it again, I don’t like living in the city, but it’s a necessity at the moment, the minute I get the opportunity to live out my days squirreled away in a clicky rural village full of farmers, roaming hills, middle-aged women riding retro bicycles with a basket on the front carrying a dog, and a pub that allows you to drink until you’re blind without being tutted at by hipsters and office harlots stereotypically re classifying you as a low life ne’er do well, then a happier man i’ll be.

That aside I was made happier this week for receiving a rather large glut of freshly picked blackberries from my girlfriends mum, who I have yet to meet. When I opened the round plastic tub I was immediately hit with the sweet smell of fresh berries, a smell that takes me back to being a boy and going blackberry picking with my Nan, who was and still is a stout woman with a heart of gold. She would make the classics such as apple and blackberry crumble, blackberry pie or maybe a fool, but I wanted to do something different.

Now is the time for these amazing fruits, as soon as october hits they go all bitter and unpleasant. So make the most of the time you have and do these berries the justice they deserve. This is actually a fairly easy cake to make, most of the time needed is leaving it to set in the fridge, so this is a great cake to make in advance for a special occasion. Enjoy, and thanks ‘mum’ for the berries.


blackberry mousse cake on a plate

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  • Nicky Abram 23/09/2013, 12:03

    It looks so yummy however I have never ventured making a cheesecake! By the way, your description of a village bliss matches ours…

    • Adam Garratt 24/09/2013, 17:26

      Thanks Nicky, glad you liked the post. Seriously give cheesecake a go it’s an easy thing to do, and once you master the basics the flavour combinations are endless. This recipe is a more advanced one mind. But not that hard really. All the best :)

  • Dominic Franks 08/09/2013, 21:13

    oooh Adam, this looks so good!… such an amazing colour too… lovely to have something so beautiful come out of the London grime!

    • Adam Garratt 09/09/2013, 21:35

      Ha cheers Dom, It took me all day to make because I had to create the recipe and develop it, but now I know it works it’s pretty easy to assemble. Shame you couldn’t have a slice mate!


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