OPW#3: Rainbow trout with beetroot and horseradish

Trout with beetroot in a pan

I’m a great advocate of the new, new friends, new experiences, new places and of course new food, I think all of us can benefit from new. My girlfriend went into Loughborough today on the premise of doing some shopping for christmas, and I – being the inquisitive adventure seeking boyfriend, took the opportunity to accompany her on this trip. I have never been to Loughborough until today and I can honestly say I loved it, it was vibrant, full of interesting shops, stalls and character. We visited various shops before settling down in a pub for a drink to rest our wind-swept bodies.

On leaving the pub my nose caught a whiff of smoked fish, and spinning back around on my heel I marched sternly towards the odorous fish van that was now in my full and attentive view. I didn’t really know what I wanted, I was just looking to see what was available. I was quite surprised by the fishmongers reaction when I quipped about my girlfriend not liking fish, he quickly announced that he didn’t either and that he was fed up with the stuff after so many years doing the job. Whilst I can understand it’s a stinky job and I suspect quite long hours, I didn’t share his lack of enthusiasm for the array of nice fresh fish that he had obviously so resentfully laid out before me. He had dabs for £1 each, stiff fresh mackerel and some great looking gurnard, and on this occasion some lovely fresh rainbow trout. I had one-off of him and this is what I did with it.

OPW#3: Rainbow trout with beetroot and horseradish
Recipe Type: Main
Cuisine: British
Author: Adam Garratt
Serves: 2
Trout used to be labelled as ‘poor mans salmon’ because of it’s apparent lack of sophistication. Well now, all the top restaurants are taking preference to this delightful fish. How things change.
  • 2 rainbow trout fillets
  • 200g baby new potatoes cut in half
  • 300g pre cooked beetroot cut into quarters
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • 2 spring onions finely sliced
  • 3 dessert spoons plain yoghurt
  • 3tsp horseradish cream
  • 2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach (watercress works really well but I couldn’t get hold of any)
  • Juice of ½ a lemon
  • 1 dessert spoon balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper
  1. First take the trout fillets and fry skin side down in a pan on medium heat for about 2 minutes with a little oil, flip over and fry again for 1-2 minutes until just cooked. take out of the pan and leave to cool. Now take the halved new potatoes and fry in the same pan with a little olive oil and the sprigs of thyme until they just start to colour nicely then pour in about half a cup of water to create some steam, cover the pan with a lid or plate and leave to simmer for about 5-10 minutes until the potatoes are tender and cooked.
  2. Once the potatoes are cooked drain off any excess water from the pan, put back on the heat and add the beetroot to the potatoes then add the balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and spring onions, cook for a couple of minutes then add the spinach (or watercress), cook further until the spinach has just wilted before taking off the heat and seasoning with salt and pepper.
  3. Peel the skin off the cooled trout fillets and pull off nice sized chunks and add to the pan, gently fold in the trout being careful not to break up the pieces. Lastly make the dressing by combining the yoghurt and horseradish cream then dollop spoonfuls over the top. Tuck in.


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  1. mmm, this dish is pure joy to me.. smoked trout with beetroot and horseradish… YES PLEASE!!!.. i live about 2 metres from a trout farm so I do eat it quite often… lovely stuff!

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