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Chicken kiev, otherwise known as a ‘chicken pocket filled with joy’

Chicken kiev

I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t love chicken Kiev, it’s garlic butter oozing out of tender juicy chicken breast. Well that’s what is supposed to happen anyway. The reality is a dry reformed piece of grey that acts as an ancillary for a passable garlic and herb butter, that just so happens not be swimming inside your chicken as you anticipated but on the bottom of the oven tray. The times I have gone shopping and seen cardboard boxes lined up proud in the freezer cabinets with images offering you moist chicken and herb infused bliss, luring you into a false sense of security with its apparent crunchy coating. I say no more!

Ok I may have gone a bit overboard but you get the point. I can tell you now if you have never made them yourself then do so, they are way way way better than anything you could ever buy from a supermarket and although a little fiddly they are worth the effort. You can also make a big batch of them and freeze.

The origins of the Kiev are still in debate, it’s said to originate from Kiev in the Ukraine, but some claim it was created in Moscow and even the french have laid claim to its origins, it’s delicious nonetheless. The chicken Kiev was marks and spencers first ever ready meal, a fact – whilst interesting, acts as a message that cutting corners and creating below par offshoots of culinary magic is not a good thing. Put down the box now, get yourself some chicken breasts and make this!


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