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Braised peas with pancetta and shallots

braised peas with pancetta and onions

I have had a bee in my bonnet – or should I say ‘pea in my bonnet’ about this recipe for 3 days now. I kid you not I have thought about it day and night. lying in bed thinking about peas is probably a sign I need to get out more but you know what I just don’t care, because the dish was worth the 3 days of being in a green hazy pea infested coma. This is a Rick stein recipe I found whilst scouring the internet in my pea driven state. The secret is to use the best ingredients, don’t use frozen peas use fresh ones and buy the best pancetta you can. I used some nice silky folds of prosciutto added at the end, but of course this optional. A dish like this is ideal on a warm summer evening, it’s quick and delicious and goes down well with plenty of crisp white wine and crusty bread, or maybe some lightly toasted focaccia. These are peas with there best suit on and best served as the main event, not a side dish.


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