Super sausage rolls

sausage rolls

I love Christmas, in fact, I would go as far as to say it is my favourite time of year. Not just for the fact you get given stuff for free, and you're allowed to drink booze at 9 in the morning, but because it's just nice isn't it? Being together with friends and family, […] Read More


Basic tomato sauce

basic tomato sauce

A good number of years ago I had an epiphany, a tomato based epiphany if you like. My normal routine of buying jarred sauce was thwarted having realised, I didn't have my reliable go-to jar of my favourite brand in the cupboard. That sweet, sickly, over-priced jar of pap I used all the time, to […] Read More


An open letter to Keith ‘The Grinch’ Vaz

cola truck

Dear Mr Vaz, It would appear you're in a spot of bother at the moment. A garrulous remark about a red haulage vehicle, stopping off in Leicester, distributing free sugary drinks, has got you more knotted up than a boa constrictor attempting a cats cradle. What a kerfuffle hey? I know you have diabetes, so […] Read More


12 signs you’re a food blogger

12 signs

Being a food blogger is not easy. In fact, I would say it's one of the hardest topics to blog about, simply because there is so much to do. A lovingly crafted recipe on my blog, is usually curated from a full days work, fraught with frantic knife chopping, visiting the shops several times, - […] Read More


The wheel inn – Oadby

the wheel inn oadby

When a pub that serves food, is trying too hard to be something they're not, you invariably get something false, un appealing, and way off the mark in terms of what good pub food is all about. A good example of this, is when you go in to a nice, cottage style pub, hoping for […] Read More


Spaghetti alla carbonara

spaghetti alla carbonara

I find it puzzling that a dish such as this, is so often made entirely wrong. A roman dish, that is a beacon for simple, classic Italian cooking. And yet countless times, I've seen it bastardised with cream, peas, English bacon, and even cheddar cheese! A nation's iconic - and much revered - dish, is […] Read More


How to make yorkshire puddings

how to make yorkshire puddings

The yorkshire pudding is  - and rightly so - the ubiquitous accompaniment to any roast beef dinner worth its salt. I don't think a sunday roast is ever the same without a couple (or 3) of these tasty, edible gravy boats sitting there, just asking you to jab it in the side with your knife […] Read More


A students guide to saving money on your food bill


So, it's the end of the summer term for you, and you're either going back or just starting a course at a university somewhere in the country. Either way, in between educating yourself, partying, and filling the air with that annoying mist of youthful hope and optimism, food is always going to be on the […] Read More


Spiced Indian corn

spiced indian corn

When I was a kid - and still now to be honest - I used to be a bit of a scrump; laying my hands on a few sneaky plums from a stray branch, hanging over someones fence. A bit of rhubarb from some allotment I happened across, the cherry trees that lined the road […] Read More


Dear Las iguanas, stop stealing servers tips

las iguanas tips scandal

It doesn't take a lot to make me annoyed really, the slights of every day occurrences can set me off, plundering me in to a rant fuelled tirade that is only pacified when I have offloaded on to someone else. Usually it's about the injustice of seeing someone spit on the floor, having bad hygiene […] Read More