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Since the news that Robin Williams sadly took his own life there has been a huge outpouring of emotion from everyone, the general public have clasped hands across their mouths and gasped whilst frowning intently. Celebrities, politicians and dignitaries have led tributes and the news channels have played 'best of' clips constantly for the past […] Read More


BBQ Pulled pork with beetroot slaw

A bit like the cupcake and cakepop frenzy that happened a couple of years ago, the latest food trend to capture our hearts is American BBQ food; the most notable of which has to be pulled pork. There is deep-rooted division when it comes to perfect piggy porcine bliss, there are so many people that […] Read More


One pan wonder # 5: Sausage and pea taglierini

One of the things I get excited about as a cook is using my noggin and creativity to make something. On friday I was looking after the 2 boys for the day and I decided we were going to make pizzas from scratch. As we were trotting around the shop picking out the ingredients needed […] Read More


Asparagus and pea risotto

The first time I tried risotto it was from a microwaveable packet, all those many moons ago there I was; fumbling about squidging the packet to help separate the grains as instructed before eagerly tearing a 2cm slit on the side and popping in the microwave for 2 minutes, then boom disappointment. What I expected […] Read More


Roast shoulder of lamb with boulangere potatoes

One of the things I love about food is its ability to change moods, somehow the magic of something tasty and filling can turn even the most stubborn of melancholy induced frowns upside down, which can only be a good thing right? People have sometimes said that I get far too excited about food and […] Read More


Do your cookbooks tell a story about you?

  I don't own many cookbooks it has to be said, I'm extremely fussy about which books I buy, mainly because the vast majority I find cringeworthingly irritating and full of arrogant smug looking chefs, all grinning far too much at a saucepan of gravy, and using the words 'seasonal' and 'fantastic' far more than […] Read More


Nanny wright’s honey and oat biscuits

I have written about the love for my nanny on a number of occasions, and most of you will also know I lost her in april and I miss her dearly. Nanny wright was my great grandmother, a curious woman and although I didn't know her for long - as she died when I was […] Read More


I decided to create this infographic to illustrate the importance of using your local market, something I feel passionate about. I know I harp on about it a lot, but there is real value in markets, not just for the cheap produce and bargains to be had, but it's the excitement and bustle of watching […] Read More


101 Tips to make you a better cook

  I meet so many people that tell me they can't cook, that somehow my skills are ingrained in my DNA, and that it's a talent rather than a learning, I get a lot of 'ooh no I couldn't do that' or 'that sounds complicated' when actually none of it is true. I learned to […] Read More


A few nights ago I was wondering what to do with some leftover roast chicken I had from my 'morrocan inspired' sunday lunch. I wanted something fresh and zingy, had some nice fresh flavours and that used up what I had kicking about in the fridge. As a result I created something rather good, a […] Read More