BBQ Pulled pork with beetroot slaw

A bit like the cupcake and cakepop frenzy that happened a couple of years ago, the latest food trend to capture our hearts is American BBQ food; the most notable of which has to be pulled pork. There is deep-rooted division when it comes to perfect piggy porcine bliss, there are so many people that […]

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Asparagus and pea risotto

The first time I tried risotto it was from a microwaveable packet, all those many moons ago there I was; fumbling about squidging the packet to help separate the grains as instructed before eagerly tearing a 2cm slit on the side and popping in the microwave for 2 minutes, then boom disappointment. What I expected […]

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Do your cookbooks tell a story about you?

  I don’t own many cookbooks it has to be said, I’m extremely fussy about which books I buy, mainly because the vast majority I find cringeworthingly irritating and full of arrogant smug looking chefs, all grinning far too much at a saucepan of gravy, and using the words ‘seasonal’ and ‘fantastic’ far more than […]

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101 cooking tips

101 Tips to make you a better cook

  I meet so many people that tell me they can’t cook, that somehow my skills are ingrained in my DNA, and that it’s a talent rather than a learning, I get a lot of ‘ooh no I couldn’t do that’ or ‘that sounds complicated’ when actually none of it is true. I learned to […]

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