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Offended by the waitrose ‘Taste of Israel’ booklet? Well boo hoo

  You know I came home today after a hard [...]


Foodie News 18.03.2015

Evening folks! Welcome to this weeks edition of the fews, [...]


Mothers day treats; Banana & chocolate swirly whirly rolls

For those that read my blog regularly will know that [...]

Main course

Beer can chicken with lemon & herbs

Sunday is my favourite day of the week, as long [...]


Crispy, sweet and sticky Korean fried chicken

When my best friend of 25 years moved to spain [...]

Main course

[Guest post] Sweet potato and courgette cream with spicy shrimps

I love my email inbox, it's a bit like a [...]

Main course

Butler steaks with pebre and vegetable crisps

  I used to get a bit annoyed about the [...]


The best soup in the world, probably

I had some reservations about posting this recipe due to [...]

Main course

Luscious fish pie

Merry Christmas everyone!....Oh wait a minute, oh yes that's right [...]