Vintage teas review plus a Competition!


Firstly, sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blogging front the past week or so. I've had my best friend stop over and I got distracted a little by the mayhem and the childish, boisterous, immature behaviour that us men seem to partake in when we get together. He's gone now so back to […] Read More


Creme egg cheesecake

creme egg cheesecake

I remember the glory days of Cadbury, when freddos were 10p, a curly wurly was so massive you could rescue Rapunzel with it and of course creme eggs were a 3rd larger than they are now. I was quite sad when Kraft took them over, as to me Cadbury were the last bastions of great […] Read More


Foodie News 01.04.2015

fews food news

Evening folks! Welcome to this weeks edition of the fews, foodie news from around the web. The folks at youtube have been tinkering about with things, as a result they have given us all a sneak peek at a new concept that will allow users to choose their own camera angle while watching videos, nifty […] Read More


10 ways to roast lamb

roaste lamb

  Well it seems spring is well on its way, the daffodils are in bloom, the lambs are bleating and the rejuvenating sounds of young smiley couples dancing and chortling under falling cherry blossoms are filling the market square (I'm pretty sure that's a lyric from a song by marillion, do tell me if it is). […] Read More


Taleggio and parma ham al forno

taleggio bake with parma ham

Before I start this post I want to say a huge happy birthday to my lady Heather, who is 29 today. I love you very much and thank you for being a part of my life. A couple of days ago I decided I wanted to make the french classic 'tartiflette' A rich cheese dish […] Read More

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Offended by the waitrose ‘Taste of Israel’ booklet? Well boo hoo

waitrose building

  You know I came home today after a hard days work, I sat down, turned on my computer and began flicking through the virtual pages of the internet to see what was happening in the world, my dinner was on, I had a drink in my hand and everything seemed good in the world. […] Read More


Foodie News 18.03.2015


Evening folks! Welcome to this weeks edition of the fews, Foodie news and happenings from around the web. The fews gives you the chance to discover the other talent out their in the blogosphere, also other tat that has been keeping me distracted from what I should be doing, ie working. Anyway, I have decided […] Read More


Mothers day treats; Banana & chocolate swirly whirly rolls

banana chocolate swirly rolls

For those that read my blog regularly will know that my relationship with my mother is non-existent, I have written about her a few times and well, to be frank, I'm really not bothered, which to some may sound shocking. I've had people say things to me like 'you only have one mother' and 'maybe […] Read More

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Beer can chicken with lemon & herbs

beer can chicken with lemon

Sunday is my favourite day of the week, as long as I'm not working that is. For me it's a day of slouching around in loose clothing, watching films and occasionally sniffing the air emanating from the kitchen as my lunch putters away in the oven. It is the one day in the week I […] Read More


Crispy, sweet and sticky Korean fried chicken

korean fried chicken

When my best friend of 25 years moved to spain a number of years ago, we seemed to acquire a ritual whenever he returned to see me. It involved gorging on large amounts of southern fried chicken and chips, all lovingly slaked in chicken gravy; a mountain of filthy un adulterated bliss. It all started […] Read More