sticky toffee pudding

The smokehouse pop-up at Obar braunstone gate

Last night I visited the ‘back by popular demand’ pop up eatery in Braunstone gates Obar. I call it an eatery because the word ‘restaurant’ doesn’t seem applicable here, and that is a good thing in my opinion. On entering we were greeted by smiley faces and a welcoming gesture to our table, there was […]

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Pan fried hake with sauce vierge

I’m fed up, fed up with this miserable dank and depressing weather. I am usually the sort of person that relishes bad weather, I love the rain, wind, snow and the colder the better. The sunshine and hot weather generally irritates me, bringing me less than joyful experiences of prickly heat, sweating, and general huffiness […]

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How to make bacon and save money

  Bacon is undoubtedly the staple ingredient in the cure for hangovers and feeling miserable, it re enforces the carnal nature of being a bloke, it’s hubris face of thick salty pinkness staring at you daring you to eat it, giving you comfort and generally being a brilliant example of what a bit of salt […]

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Carrot cake with lime frosting

When I was a kid I sternly believed that carrot cake didn’t have carrot in it at all, I thought it was a culinary joke, a sort of raison d’être of gastronomic tom foolery, oh how little I knew back then. There are so many versions of carrot cake out there, each with there own […]

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