The British Menu


The best soup in the world, probably

I had some reservations about posting this recipe due to recent events that went on [...]

Main course

Luscious fish pie

Merry Christmas everyone!....Oh wait a minute, oh yes that's right it's finished, finished quicker than [...]


Foodie news 7.12.2014

  Ok so first off, I hope you like the new look blog. I know [...]


Chocolate orange fudge

It's Christmas hurrah! It's been a busy few weeks for me again, my day job [...]


A bleary eyed look at Leicester Obar’s new craft beer range

As you may or may not know I sometimes get invited along to events to [...]

One pan wonders

One pan wonder #7: Chorizo, butter bean and prawn stew

I turned the gas on for the first time in a number of months the [...]

One pan wonders

One pan wonder #6: Roast pork hash

The last time I had any kind of hash was a good few years ago, [...]


Foodie news 19.09.2014

Ok so I have decided to start foodie news section called 'the fews', original I [...]


How to butcher a chicken

Since I discovered that buying chicken portions is way more expensive than it needs to [...]